How to order from foreign country

About orders from your country

When you order our products from your country,
DO NOT use on-line shopping system, please send a message to me.
Our on-line shopping system covers the orders only from Japan, because of shipping fee.
After you send a message and order , we’ll pack them completely .
and let you know how much cost it when we are ready for shipping them.
Shipping fee depend on the weight, the country, the delivery method ( shipping, air flight, SAL )
we’ll tell you the cost of each methods. please let us know which is your best.
It might not be able to ship overseas when japanese post office judge it impossible ,because of the conflict, Infectious disease , political confusion.
We only accept credit (VISA/ MASTER/ AMEX)
Please note that you will not able to cancel the order after we ship out.

How to order from overseas, Shipping method to overseas

Please send a mail to us ( ) as fill in below items.
You can use Facebook messenger ,Instagram DM.
Please fill in items in English.
  • Product name ( product number )
  • Number
  • Your name , Recipient’s address (exactly) , City ,Country , ZIP code , phone number.
We will confirm items what you ordered , and pack them , check shipping fee.
We will tell you total price of products price and shipping fee by email.
Then, we also let you know each shipping fee (EMS, shipping, air flight, SAL )
Please tell us your best way by email.
( There are some country that can not be available SAL, for example , Taiwan )
we send you official invoice in accordance with shipping method that you chose by Email.
Please settle your credit card account from the attached URL .
※ Settlement system by “Square ( prvided by US ) ” is safe and secure.
※ expiration date of invoice is 7 days.
※ when we cannot confirm the deposit. we’ll send you invoice again 7 days after. Payment cannot be confirmed for 7 days after we resend. The order will be canceled .
The product will be shipped out by Japanese post office system after we confirm
settle the amount ,and let you know The tracking number.




下記の内容を記入の上メールにてお送りください。( )
  • 注文したい商品の名前(商品の番号)
  • 個数
  • お届け先の名前、住所、国名、ZIPコード、電話番号